10 Amazing Prehistoric Animals

Prehistoric animals range from saber tooth tigers to wooly mammoths to giant apes, they spark our imagination and are a thrilling reminder of what our world used to be like.

When it comes to prehistoric animals, most people just have some notions of dinosaurs. Not only do most people study dinosaurs when they are kids, thanks to popular culture – most notably, the Jurassic Park franchise, dinosaurs have long captured people’s imaginations. But there were many more prehistoric animals.

Some of them were terrifying but others were so amazing that they would make you wish that they still existed.

These now-extinct animals once roamed the land or occupy oceans. Thanks to the work of archeologists and biologists, we can at least now get a scene of what these animals were.

So, here are the 10 prehistoric animals that make you wish you lived in the past:

The Gigantopithecus

One of the most fascinating prehistoric animals is the ape known as gigantopithecus, particularly the gigantopithecus blacki.

Despite its height and scary appearance (think of a really big orangutan), we know that this animal was mostly an herbivore. Scientists have surmised this from the jawbones and teeth they have found in Asia, chiefly in present-day Vietnam and China. There, it is believed that the gigantopithecus mostly ate bamboo. So, although this animal was big and scary-looking its diet seems to have been quite similar to that of the present-day Panda.

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