20 Genius Ways To Organize Your Closet

Trade items out seasonally

You generally won’t need a heavy winter coat in the summer or several pairs of shorts in the winter. One of the quickest and most convenient ways to turn a packed, cluttered closet into a neat, tidy and well- organized space is to take out all the clothing you are not currently using or wearing and store it in bins or under-bed storage units.

This also gives you an opportunity every few months to go through your clothing and decide what you really want to keep and what can be passed along.

Double Your Clothes Hangars

Do It Yourself Double Clothes Hangers

You can get the most out of your hanging bar space by doubling the number of hangars you can hang. One way to do that is with this ingenious DIY double clothes hanger idea. Be careful, though: this may not be a good idea for heavy or bulky items.

Be sure and keep the weight load on your hanging bar low or you risk pulling it down out of the wall. That is a mess that will take more than just a little organization to clean up!

Use a clothes hanger to organize belts and other accessories

Clothes Hanger Belt

Most people are familiar with the concept of looping belt hooks over the top of a hangar and then hanging the hangar. While this is a decent way to store belts, the head of the hangar can get very heavy, you can only store so many belts and you have to take all the belts off each time you want to use a belt that is resting on the bottom of the pile.

Instead, here is an ingenious idea for using a heavy wooden hanger to store all of your belts in a way that is neat, easy and makes it much more convenient to hang and retrieved individual belts.

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