22 Natural Secrets To Growing The Healthiest, Most Beautiful Hair You’ve Ever Had

Trying to grow your hair out is worse than watching paint dry! It can take years to reach your desired length in a process that requires both patience and perseverance.

While there is no instantaneous solution to your problem, these 22 all natural methods are guaranteed to give you those long, glossy locks you’ve always wanted…without the use of expensive, chemical-laden products.

1. Get Regular Trims

Many women who are aiming for waist-length hair struggle with the concept of cutting it off, but frequent trimming is worth it in the long run. By taking off the bare minimum every few weeks, you’ll be getting rid of split ends which would otherwise cause breakage, leading to even shorter hair! These splits can also travel along the length of the hair causing weak, frizzy and flyaway strands.

Experts recommend asking your stylist to take off a mere eighth of an inch every 10 to 12 weeks to prevent split ends before they start.

2. Go Easy on the Shampoo

Hair produces a natural oil called sebum, which shampoo strips away (along with dirt and product residue). This process can dry out the hair and leave it more prone to breakage.

Allowing some oils to remain in your hair is a good thing! They add moisture and a protective barrier. Shampooing two to three times a week is plenty for most people – especially if you don’t have overly oily hair, or don’t work out every day.

While your hair adjusts to less frequent washing, why not try out this homemade dry shampoo? Blondes can simply blend organic cornstarch with essential oils, while those with dark hair can add a little cocoa powder to the mix for a deliciously natural solution to greasy hair.

3. Skip the Chemicals

Most shampoos contain sulfates – chemicals which strip away your hair’s valuable natural oils. They also contain numerous other toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on our hair and our health.

4. Do a Cold Water Rinse

Before you step out of the shower, give your hair one final rinse with cold water. This causesthe outer layer of the hair to flatten down, giving it a smooth appearance, reducing moisture loss, and preventing breakage.

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