15 Adorable And Cute DIY Decor Designs for a Cat Themed Home

If you’re the kind of person who would absolutely be a crazy cat lady if presented the chance, but currently lives in an apartment that’s far too small, then there are other ways to keep a feline presence in your life! Home decor, for example, is an unexpected but fun way to involve kitty cats in your daily routine, even if they’re not the living, purring kind. Sure, your friends might think you’re a little nutty for decorating your home in whiskered creatures at every opportunity, but cats are so cute that it’s worth the funny looks from visitors!

Check out these 15 adorable ways to DIY your decor with your favourite furry friends in mind.

1. DIY Kitty shaped thread organizers

Kitty shaped thread organizers

Okay, so thread organizers aren’t exactly the most explicit decor there ever was, and most of your guests probably won’t see these little trinkets, but we loved them so much that we had to include them. Cutting lengths of cardboard into a cat shape, adding little noses, and wrapping your crafting threads or embroidery flosses around them will add a bit of cute whimsy to your craft room as your organize it! Check out how Little White Whale made these ones!

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