15 Amazingly Easy DIY Mailboxes That Will Improve Your Curb Appeal

I love doing little things that make my home look better and these DIY mailboxes are easy projects that make a huge impact. For some of them, you will just have to paint your existing mailbox. For others, you can build a brand new one from scratch. However you choose to dress up your mailbox, you are going to love these DIY versions. Some of them even use recycled materials and you know how much I love my recycling projects. I hope you will love these DIY mailboxes as much as I do.

1. DIY Wooden Mailbox

DIY Wooden Mailbox

If you want to build your mailbox from scratch, this DIY wooden mailbox is a good choice. It is really easy to build and doesn’t cost much in terms of materials and supplies. Plus, you can paint it any color that you want to match your outdoor exterior. You could spend about $10 on a cheap metal mailbox from a home improvement store or take that money and make your own DIY custom mailbox instead.

Tutorial: fourgenerationsoneroof

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