15 Mind-blowing Woodworking Creations

3. A Helping Hand For Construction Work

Woodworking Creations

Be completely honest, you would love to have this in your backyard, wouldn’t you?! Perhaps not the most practical creation, but you can bet the guy building this epic wooden sculpture was a heavy bulldozer enthusiast … Or just a construction worker with too much free time in his hands. This is quite easily the best thing to spend your free time on.

In all seriousness, how cool is this? The level of detail is beyond what you could imagine and just look how life-like it looks. Almost feels as if you could actually use it for work. It just might be the coolest thing ever made out of wood.

4. Wackiest Wooden Sculpture You’ll Ever See


This creation is just plain crazy! Looking at it too long might get you confused, but a kudos to the person waxing the floor too, the sculpture becomes 10 times creepier thanks to the shiny floor. At the same time, it looks a bit frightening in its’ majestic size yet it draws you closer with a certain mysterious appeal …

Though it looks almost like it’s made with no effort, you can bet you won’t come even close to replicating this since it takes master level woodworking skills to make wood look like a wacky art piece. The colors, shapes and overall essence is brilliant and every single detail comes together to create this wild masterpiece. Salvador Dali would give this one a “Like” in Facebook!

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