21 Adorable DIY Candle Holder Ideas to Make Your Home More Inviting

Humans have been drawn to the candle’s subtle flame for thousands of years. While candles have not been our primary source of inside light for well over a century, the appeal of candlelight remains. Virtually every home has candles for both practical and decorative purposes. Their enduring appeal makes them one of the most popular gifts for all occasions, from housewarmings to birthdays.

While candle options are plentiful, candle holder variety has only exploded in the last couple decades. Your parents or grandparents probably displayed the same matched candleholders at the center of their holiday spread for years. But you’ve got options! Suddenly everywhere you look – from department stores to design blogs – there are clever new ways to display candles.

Designer décor can get pricy, but don’t let a limited budget discourage you. With our gallery of 21 DIY candle holder ideas, you can get the look you love with a few simple tools and a quick trip to the craft store. There’s something for every style, from rustic repurposed candle terrariums to beachy, found-wood pillar holders. Some projects are suitable for kids and many offer a finished product that’s pretty enough to gift.

1. Rustic Upcycled Mirror Candle Holder

Rustic Upcycled Mirror Candle Holder

DIY Project Details: grosgrainfab.com

2. From Dollar Store to Designer Candle Holder

From Dollar Store to Designer Candle Holder

DIY Project Details: taradennis.com
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