Genius 21 Woodworking Project Ideas Using Scrapwood You Should Learn

3) Key-Chain

I love woodworking that is the main reason is used to make a key chain from wood. Here you can see how smoothly, I make this project from wood. Now the fear of lost the keys and breakage of key chain is no more. The wood I used in this key chain is hard. You can also make this project; all of you need fine wood. If you have a creative mind you can change the design of keychain also. I think this project is best for everyone.


4) Tool Hanging

This project is best for those who wanted to place their tool in a fine place. So the fear of lost the tool is no more. From my point of view, this project is beneficial for those who are mechanic. This project is simple in making; you just need to hang a perfect place. I think this is the best project because you can find the exact tool instantly.


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