23 Cool DIY Clothespin Crafts Ideas To Put Into Practice

Clothespin crafts make for easy DIY home décor and crafts for school kids. Used to make adorable tiny toys, wedding decorations or impressive home decorations, these wooden staples are a long way from being forgotten in the age of automatic dryers. Give these 20 ideas for clothespin crafts a chance. Your kids will love joining in the fun and you’ll get a kick out of it.

Most of these cool crafts with clothespins require nothing more than a few clothespins, a hot glue gun and some decorative elements to your fancy. Are you eager to get started? So are we! Here’s our collection of 23 cool clothespin crafts ideas.

1. DIY Clothespin Planes

Leftover popsicle sticks make a great adagio for these crafts with clothespins. You’ll need the following items:

Glue all the pieces together and make a collection of funky planes for your little ones to enjoy.

2. DIY Clothespin Picture Line

clothespin picture line

Image source: alanjamesinsurance.com

These colored clothespins will brighten up any room, but they’re most suited for a kid’s room. You will need:

Choose your favorite colors and a rope long enough to suit your organizing needs. Fix the rope in place and put up your favorite photo memories. This is a cool clothespin picture line craft and idea to decorate your home in an inexpensive manner.

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