6 DIY Compost Bins For The Environmentally Conscious

Organic compost offers your lawn, garden, and flower beds nutrients that it cannot get just from soil and water alone. You can make your own organic compost by recycling your vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, and other organic matter. Rather than store these leftovers in an open container, you can break them down, save your home from odors, and get compost that you can use in your garden, flower bed, and lawn by using these simple and fun ideas to make your own DIY compost bin.

woman filling compost bin

1. DIY Spinning Tumbler Compost Bin

If you need a compost bin that will let you keep your compost stirred, you can follow along with this simple compost bin plan. Many lawn care experts suggest that people use composting bins that tumble or turn to keep the compost fresh and well mixed. You can make one of these helpful DIY compost bins by first getting everything called for by these compost bin plans. These items include:

blue barrel DIY compost bin

It only takes a few hours to make one of these composting bins. This homemade compost bin will let you stir your compost without having to get your hands dirty.

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