6 DIY Compost Bins For The Environmentally Conscious

2. DIY Storage Container Compost Bin

You can also make a functional and affordable DIY compost bin by upcycling or reusing one of your old storage containers that you have at home. The plan to build a compost bin out of an old storage container is simple to follow along with and also do not call for a lot of supplies. The items that you do need, however, include:

This DIY compost bin can be used either indoors or outdoors. You can decide where to place it based on the size of your upcycled storage container.

3. DIY Wood Pallet Compost Bin

Wood pallets are great to use in a variety of do-it-yourself projects, particularly when you want to make a compost bin. To make a wood pallet compost bin, you need supplies like:

DIY pallet compost bins

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