8 DIY Lighting Accessories You Can Make

Think you need thousands of dollars for a great lighting setup? You don’t. We’ve picked three of the eight projects and made stop-action videos demonstrating the exact steps for constructing each. We have also provided links to step-by-step instructions for the other five accessories. So get that gaffer tape ready, it’s time to create your own DIY photo studio.

Popular Photography

Much like a theatrical spotlight, a grid spot can draw attention to a small, significant area within a larger scene. This grid spot for shoe-mount flashes, devised by petapixel.com’s prolific D.I.Y.-er Michael Zwang, is cool because you can adjust the effect of the snoot by changing its grid—plastic straws. Black straws will focus light output to maximum effect, while gray and clear straws produce moderate or minimal focusing, respectively. To produce the snoot, cut the can’s base to the size of your flash head using metal snips. Be careful not to cut yourself while doing this, and file down or tape over any sharp metal edges.

MATERIALS: A Pringles can ($3), gaffer tape ($3), plastic drinking straws ($2)
TOOLS REQUIRED: Metal snips or scissors

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