6 Reasons Why You Should Try Traditional Woodworking

If you consider yourself as among the generation who prefer the modern methods of woodworking, you may think that trying the traditional way of doing things is so outdated. In fact, some woodworkers reason that it is a waste of time, considering that power tools are now available for easier use. However, as a traditional woodworker myself, I can say that there’s something about traditional woodworking that makes it special. Here are 6 reasons why you should try traditional woodworking.

1. Woodworking also Encourages Exercise

Compared to using modern power tools, the use of hand tools require effort on your part. This can translate to some form of exercise as you work. The type of exercise that you can enjoy as you use these hand tools can turn out to be beneficial for you and your health. This is particularly true if you are so into your craft that you may no longer have enough time for yourself to enjoy a good workout session. Rather than deprive yourself of this very important health-related activity, why not incorporate it in your hobby? For example, ripping on a log will help you burn the same amount, or even more, of calories as with going to a gym.

2. The natural noise produced in the process

One of the selling points of most electrically powered tools is silent operation. Well, this may come in handy if you live in an area where disturbing other people is a no-no. However, as a woodworker, you generally have a space to call your own – your work shop, where you can do things the way you want it to be. Sadly, not all power tools offer completely silent operation. In fact, the noise they produce can be really annoying, which means that you also have to wear gear to protect your ears.

With this in mind, you might want to try traditional woodworking and experience the actual noise produced by using hand tools. The good thing about these noises is that they are usually rhythmic and natural, just like the noise created as you use a hand saw. This will allow you to have concentration on your task, which is very important when working on a project.

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