6 Reasons Why You Should Try Traditional Woodworking

3. Traditional is More Affordable!

Generally speaking, traditional woodworking costs less compared to using modern tools and processes. In fact, it is relatively more affordable to purchase hand tools compared to power tools. For example, you can actually get a $10 coping saw, instead of paying more than $500 for a band saw. Both of these saws can do the same job, with a huge price difference. This also goes the same for other tools such as planer, table saw, or drill press. If you need to have a lot of equipment in your arsenal, just imagine the total amount of money that you could otherwise save by purchasing hand tools, instead of more expensive power tools.

4. Hand Tools Last Longer

By design, hand tools last longer. In fact, they can last a lifetime, and even more, as long as you take good care of them. In fact, some woodworkers inherit their tools from their grandparents. Who knows? You can even pass on your tools to younger generations in your family? As such, these tools become heritage tools which prove to be more valuable, in the literal sense of the word, compared to an electric machine that is only designed to last for 10 years or even less. As a bonus, imagine the skills that you will learn as you use hand tools, not depending on the seemingly automatic processes offered by modern tools.

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