6 Reasons Why You Should Try Traditional Woodworking

5. Less Power, Less Injury

We often hear of incidents wherein woodworkers end up hurting themselves while using power tools. This is usually because there is little control that you can have when using these tools. They are automatic, so you hardly have enough time to stop them when needed. However, with manual tools, less power means less injury. As such, you may not want to put yourself in a risky situation and learn at the same time. Indeed, while power tools were designed to complete tasks fast, being prone to injury is one of the downsides that you have to face while working on a project.

6. Hand Projects are More Satisfying

Have you ever tried completing a project which is mostly from scratch? The feeling is different, compared to finishing a project with the aid of power tools. You can proudly tell your friends that you have finished a project by yourself, using the skills that you have learned along the way. Listening to their admiration and compliments will boost up your confidence even further, thus allowing you to enhance your skills even better. Of course, you may have to anticipate that using hand tools may take more time compared to using power tools, but the satisfaction that you feel after working on a project is definitely better.


The list mentioned above are based from my personal experience, and I believe that they also resound the feeling of other traditional woodworkers out there.

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