AMAZING DIY: 30 Perfect And Genius Woodworking Project Ideas For Girls

3) Wooden Orbit Mirror.

Want to design your house with something unique and worthy? Well then, what’s the entire wait for? Why didn’t you start creating air easy!! Its show you something that would surprise you with joy. Yes, I’m talking about the wooden orbit mirror you see below. Isn’t it so exciting? You can hang these on your wall to give them a decorative appearance. I’m sure; people would love it in the first sight.

Hence, to start creating, you will need all the essential items that I will mention. First, wooden circle mirror along with circle cut outs then you will need tea bags, wood glue, mountain tape or adhesive. Begin by staining some of the wooden cut outs with the wet tea bag. Try different hues and the let them dry for 20mins. There on, place your cut outs and mirrors in any specific design you like. Furthermore, use the glue to stick the wood and mirror together. Let it dry, and there you go-you are completely ready with the master piece. Look at the picture below and see if your master piece is like the shown below. Good luck creating! Hope you fulfill your job and result is just worth-seeing! It a great idea for you girls? Let us know about your feedback!

Source: http://www.brit,co/orbit-mirror/

Wooden Orbit Mirror

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