The benefit of using an automatic watering system is that you avoid having your plants start to dry out, and you also wont accidentally soak your plants. The moisture is kept at the perfect level for your plants and you end up using less water!

There’s a lot of different automatic watering systems out there. These seem to work great however there has always been something preventing me from building them. They all require a pump. Personally I would prefer not to use a pump because I think they are expensive and makes a lot of noise. I went to the drawing board to see if I could come up with something different!

This system uses a micro controller and soil sensor to monitor the water level of your plants. If your soil is starting to dry out the controller will counter this by watering the soil until it is sufficiently moist again.

Instead of using a costly and noisy water pump, we are going to use a servo to elegantly open and crimp a water tube. So cheap. So easy.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
Picture of Parts and Tools
Picture of Parts and Tools
Picture of Parts and Tools

You are going to need the following:


  1. Arduino
  2. Soil moisture sensor
  3. Servo
    1. Any tiny servo will do. Like those small 9G servos you can buy for a dollar!
  4. Water tube
    1. I’ll show you how to make one if you don’t already have one laying around
  5. Cable ties
  6. Power supply
    1. For your arduino
  7. Water reservoir
    1. I used a milk carton, an empty bottle works just as well
  8. Bredboard wires


  1. Hot glue gun
  2. X-acto knife
  3. Yarn
  4. Pliers
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