15 DIY Decor Solutions For Your Balcony

Living in an apartment has its pros and cons, and so does having an apartment balcony. It might be discouraging to see how far the snow piles up your sliding door in the winter, but you’ll adore being able to sit in the sun for breakfast on your breezy balcony come summer. Having a balcony is also a great chance to create yourself a cozy little outdoor space for catching some fresh air in the morning or unwinding at the end of the day.

Check out these awesome decor ideas for making the most of your balcony, no matter the size!

1. DIY Interlocking wooden floor

Interlocking wooden floor

This cute balcony setup featured on Deltalhes Magicos shows you how pretty wooden interlocking floors fit to the dimensions of your balcony can be. Most of your local hardware stores should have something similar to what you see in the picture. Purchase however many kits will cover the square footage of your balcony and put it together for a more finished look!

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