21 Amazing DIY HACKS Aluminum Foil Hacks You Should Really Try

Aluminum foil is a staple in any house, and you generally use it for a variety of things (mostly involving cooking and storing), but there are a multitude of uses for foil you have likely never even considered. Some are still ingenious kitchen uses, but many employ foil for other areas of the house and other unlikely tasks.

Whether using it in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, foil is great at helping heating, removing stains and static, and aiding in easy clean up. Be sure to check out all the unique uses below. There are guaranteed to be at least a few you never considered.

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Pizza Crisper


Have some cold, soggy pizza? Reheat it in a frying pan with foil over it to crisp it right up.

Grill Cleaner


A ball of foil will get all that char off your grill in a snap!

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