Have trouble remembering to water those tomatoes? Want to go on vacation but fear the worst for your container garden if you do? Fear no more with an automatic plant watering system! With a little bit of preparation and arduino on your side, you can make a system that will make sure your plants are watered right, giving you freedom to tend to whatever you need to while still producing those healthy tomatoes.

Step 1: Project Parts List

  • Plants – Veggies, Flowers, whatever you’re trying to grow, start the plants, pick out the strong ones and get them ready for transplant
  • Dirt – A good composition for growing veggies is Mel’s Mix, but use what works for you
  • Grow Lights – We used LED grow lights because it’s the future and why not, but you can use any full spectrum grow light you would like to, or rely on the sun if you have the window space.
  • Light Fixtures – Depending on the grow lights you get, you might need light fixtures. Scooting around Amazon or going to your local hardware store should net you what you’re looking for.
  • 1 x Light Timer – For the grow lights. Simple, cheap, and effective.
  • 1 x Geekduino – or just about any Arduino will do.
  • 1 x Sensor Shield – For easy and quick wiring.
  • 1 x Duino Mount – To keep your arduino from running away
  • 1 x Large Workbench – For quickly and easily mounting electronic components
  • 1 x Liquid Pump
  • Silicone Tubing
  • 1 x 12V5A Power Supply
  • 1 x Relay
  • 1 x RobotGeek LED Driver
  • 1 x Power Squid
  • 1 x Barrel Jack Female Pigtail Lead
  • 1 x Pushbutton – For manually watering or priming the pump.
  • 1 x Grove RTC
  • 1 x Grove 4 Pin Connector to Female Jumper Wire Cable
  • 1 x CR1225 Battery
  • 3 x Moisture sensor – You can either use this one or make your own simple moisture sensor with Nails and a resistor!
  • Tube Splitters – We used several of these, but you can use any splitter compatible with the silicone tubing. (NOTE: These tube splitters have a high frequency of leakage around the cap ends. This can be remedied with the application of super glue, but please be advised of their quality and check for leaks before implementing them with your system)
  • Binder Clips – We used these as a super simple way to route and hold the feed tubes.
  • Zip Ties – These are handy for preventing leaks
  • Light fixtures – We used one that could hang 3 lights, but your choice of light will determine what sort of fixture you need.
  • Bucket – To hold the water our plants crave. Note: Do not feed plants Gatorade. They do not crave electrolytes.
  • Shelf – To put everything on and mount lights to


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