Step 2: Needed Parts and Equipment

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I hate to let a lot of people down, but an oscilloscope is absolutely needed here. Without it you won’t be able to tune your horrible handmade inductor and the circuits won’t match. These things are really finicky, even if you went with the relatively large bandwidth that my values provided.

If you have access to one, then great! That, a soldering iron, some wire cutters, and pliers are all the tools you need.

As for materials, you will need a few different parts, but nothing too fancy.
Master coil/oscillator:
24AWG enameled magnet wire
Prototyping board
2 150nF capacitors
2 10K Ohm resistors
1 100Ohm resistor
1 100nF capacitor
A bunch of 2N2222 transistors (I used 3, you can use more or less depending on availability)
5V regulator and DC jack to plug it into the oscillator

Slave coil/CW generator:
More wire
Another prototyping board
2 150nF caps
4 2.2uF caps
4 low forward-voltage drop schottky diodes (search digikey for ones with Vf<400mV@1A and Ir<1mA@20V)

Note that technically any schottky diode will work here, so if you want to just build it without much efficiency then feel free to use whatever you wish / can get your hands on.

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