TOP 10 Genius Summer Life Hacks

Bugs, particularly houseflies and ants, infesting the house may seem like a problem only an exterminator can fix, whereas a dripping Popsicle can be solved relatively quickly. And some problems aren’t really problems, they are just frustrations. Have you tried dicing a mango and not having it be a mess?

From difficult problems to simple ones, there are ingenious life hacks designed to solve the problem. Don’t know where to stash your money when you go to the beach? What about how to serve all those chips at that backyard barbecue? The video will show you ingenious hacks to fix all of your most common summer problems.

Who knew the top hamburger bun was bigger than the bottom one? I don’t know many people who pay attention to that while eating, but it certainly does make it easier to have the larger bun on the bottom. And although I don’t know many people who actually use a straw when drinking out of a can, that particular hack was pretty genius. The trick to hiding valuables at a beach could be a lifesaver too, but sometimes shampoo bottles aren’t always handy.

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