20 Luxurious Home Amenities

The Spa.

Bradford Products’ heated loungers are a highlight in the spa, which has a massage room, dry sauna and steam room. The Porta Romana light fixture is from John Brooks. Small openings in the floor’s tilework reveal a stream below.

The Secret Door.

Phillip Jeffries grass cloth joins white oak by DuChateau Floors to cover the walls in the office. A leather chair pulls up to the Lexington desk, while faux-fur guest chairs by Bernhardt resonate with the hide in the ceiling coffers and the leopard-print wool rug.

The Bowling Alley.

This retro-inspired game room is a separate structure that opens out to a tennis court.

The Observatory.

This large observatory, which was constructed with a retractable roof, allows for optimal stargazing. The space features PlaneWave Instrument’s 20-inch reflecting telescope with a mount by Astro-Physics.

The Dog Shower.

The Wally Wash, named for the family pet, features both wall and floor tiles from Decorative Materials; the border tiles are 18th-century Dutch.

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