The 9 Best PS4 Indie Games to Buy in 2018

What makes an indie game different from a commercial game? Traditionally, commercial games are backed by big-name publishers with enormous, million-dollar budgets and large teams with studio oversight (which can make the final result exceptional or downright sloppy). Indie games, on the other hand, are a little more focused, with smaller teams that can give a more streamlined form of development. Here, creativity is more important than whether a game is sellable or not. Indie games come in many different forms and provide a realm where avant-garde creations come to life and sometimes completely innovate the video game industry. So if you’re looking for something entirely new and fresh, something fun or your next favorite game, then please read on. We put together a list of the best PS4 indie games to play right now.

Best Platformer: Owlboy

Owlboy is a dazzling, platform indie game for the PS4 that is a fully fleshed out, 2D-pixel art, side-scrolling adventure. Players take the role of a young student named Otis who can fly, roll and spin around while relying on friends to complete levels in an expressive world bursting with life and detailed moments of creativity.

In order to survive, Otis must pick up his allies with his talons and rely on their abilities to overcome obstacles he can’t take on alone. These allies can have equipment such as pistols and other items that can take out enemies and crush through barriers in order to progress. Owlboy does a fine job in keeping its gameplay varied with enemies and always presents a challenge to the player, with unique puzzles, a ton of clever boss fights and a whole bunch of exciting sequences that’ll have you hooked.


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