The 7 Best Samsung TVs to Buy in 2018

Is there anything better than kicking back on the couch, grabbing some cozy blankets and settling down in front of a great television to binge-watch the new seasons of your favorite shows? Just add your own popcorn to create a comfortable in-home theater experience.

To help you achieve this downtime dream, turn to a trusted electronics manufacturer like Samsung, well-known for their quality and innovative products. We’ve rounded up some of the best Samsung televisions, so you can make your pick and start watching Netflix in no time.

Best Overall: Samsung 65-inch UltraHD Smart LED TV

Upgrade to this Samsung UltraHD television to experience a whole new world of color. With a billion more shades than standard UHD, this television provides a viewing experience like you’ve never imagined. Samsung’s Triple Black Extreme creates extreme high-density contrast, as well as the illusion of depth so you catch every detail in even the moodiest-lit shots.

This is a great television for watching sports or action films, thanks to the smooth action of MR 240. The hardware is nice, too – the television has sleek, modern good looks, and the Samsung Clean Cable Solution routes cords through the base of the TV stand to keep everything looking neat and clean.

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