TOP 10 beautiful examples of nature photography

Nature photography covers to a wide range of images taken outdoors, devoted to showcasing the world in its natural form. From wildlife to landscapes to plants and beyond, there are thousands of stunning nature photographs online to inspire you. Here are some of our favourites…

01. A Welcome Cooler

If this image doesn’t make you fall in love with elephants, we don’t know what will. This playful resident of the Amboseli National Park in Kenya was captured squirting water at this small bird by enthusiast photographer Steve Langton. Specialising in nature and travel photography, Langton takes his Canon DSLR everywhere with him.

02. Deniz

This striking view was taken by professional photographer Omer Yücel just a few days ago. Yücel’s online portofolio is full of stunning nature and landscape photography. But this is our favourite, the shutter of the camera left open to capture movement leaves the sea looking perfectly calm and serene. A fascinating view and gorgeous nature shot.

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